Cycle of Life

As night turns into day,
life is renewed,
escaping from the grasp of darkness.
Hearts beat as rays of light drift away from the sun,
pushing against the dark, shining down upon the soul.
Filling the body with warmth,
with light.
But darkness still resides.
casting shadows.
Occasionally revealing itself,
reminding of its existence by staining the light with dark.
But slow, soft breezes, continue to control the mind.
Changing directions,
changing ways,
controlling speed.
Managing to remain unharmed,
For the moment, incapable of damage.
But winds change, rapidly swirling,
swirling out of control.
Carrying light, crashing into shadows.
Darkness--invading life.
Eliminating light.
Coldness--removing all warmth.
As day turns into night.

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