Cycles of a Family

She ran away, She needed to get out!
Her arms wide open, For another to take out!
His arms wide open, Filled with demons!
She made three baby's with his seman.
Life was hard, Could barly work thru it,
They had to try but couldn't see thru it!
The babies ran away from much of the same,
Into a fog of shame and blame!
-So much damage, So little change -
So young with more babies, Hard as can be,
Acting like grown ups, Can anyone see?
Demons came and stole their soul's,
Made their insides feel so whole!
Children were taken, where did they go?
Was some one watching, were they stole?
-Again so much damage, So little change -
Babies having more babies, life in our land!
Babies taken from their hands!
They feel so lost, They feel so banned!
With no training from their parent's.
The courts feel they have no stand!
Babies handed over to others hands!
-So much Damage, So much Change -
-----Everyones watching -----
-----Now who's to blame -----

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