Cyclical Nocean

You're out of your element when you're not in control;
and your buoyancy swallows, swallows you whole.
You paddle and paddle, but your feet still don't touch;
and the water on board is proving too much.
Then along comes a ship deep in the night.
So you climb aboard and soon everything's alright.
But what if the iceberg ahead is you; and once again another voyage is through. Another ship sunk by your furious seas.
A wrath upon vengeance that nobody sees.
Sitting below a calm shallow pool, jagged and tearing another poor fool.
Your rescue boat built only for one, as long as you row straight into the sun.
But the seas will conspire and your dingy will rock.
Because there is no escape when there's no place to dock.
The sharks circle in and the feeding begins.
You can't swim away when it's you who wears fins.
So you dive even deeper into the abyss; colder and darker divine emptiness.
Race back to the surface and hope it all ends.
but don't move too fast and bring on the bends.
A lone piece of driftwood to which now you cling.
The sky opens up and the sirens will sing.
Another ship's passing, should you try it once more?
Swim little fish, before you wash up on shore!

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