Since the day you were born you've been competing with me,
and when you broke your arm and got big you got little froggy.
I remember the day you lost your innocence with a smile on your face,
at that moment I knew I would take a bullet in your place.
Never scared to fight but much rather chase some girls,
always smiling no matter the troubles of the world.
On the football field is where you found your peace,
It never crossed my mind that you would die in these streets.
My mothers baby boy, and the ladies favorite man,
if they had estrogen in their system then they needed some Dan.
At least thats how you felt and lived your life to that tune,
I'm shaking my head at the master for taking you to soon.
Lil' Boosie ,low key, just lost his biggest fan,
rather you know it or not you was my brothers man.
Life aint the same without you and I know Heaven as well,
and nothing gone make me forget you, in Heaven or Hell.

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