(Do You Hear Me Crying)

Do You Hear Me exclaiming ?
Do you hear me screaming ?
Do you hear me talking ?
Do you hear what's inside of me?
Do you feel the pains I feel?

I'm desolate and downcast in this world
I'm deserted and speechless can't even say a tidings
coveting I have anyone to be here with me
They came and go but they were playing me
Is there any medication to cicatrize me?

I lack reliance to everyone out there
I got lot to acquaint but I haunted it inside
I restrain on inundating in pains
Everything I observed inside it dispatching me
Is there anything to secure me??

Do you hear me exclaiming
My life is full of tears
But I know my tears is my ink
There's lots of stories I'm desirous to author
Is there any magician that can transform my tears to ink?

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