Dabble In

Dabble in the scrabble
The words I rhyme
Skip from line to line
Not always to align
My thoughts matter to me more
An it is you coming through my door
My head is full of voices
The lightest and darkest of choices
I am one bad man
No regrets
Woah man
I just do what I like
Do tell
Secrets I can not reveal
Sinners steak
I like the taste
So satiety
Blame the society
I run to my problems
Trying to solve them
Right wrong indifferent
I am weird
I am different
Who cares
I do
Not so serious
Not to see
The damage I do to me
Like the pain
Tickles like rain
The schizophrenic sounds
Cognitive dissonance
Channels channeling
I am not possessed
Just possessed with passion
Does matter
Like truly matter
What I do
It doesn't matter to me
If it matters to you
Expression of self
Call it self help
I can do it myself
If you like
I'll do it to yourself
Try to cull the hate
Time is getting late
Love is lost
Still think
I do better than most
Hate grammar
Hate punctuation
Hate a lot of things
Lost feelings
I know it don't always make sense
Hell I ain't even trying to make cents
I do it for the love of the game
Careless with my name
It'll be over soon
I proclaim
All that will be left
The ideas I leave behind
Like I said before
My thoughts
Don't rhyme
In line
That's why they call me crazy
Take time
Apply what meaning
You do find
Take the pearls
Leave the swine

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