Jetlag dad racing to leave home
Gave up man the streets he roam
Thinking they hate me no need to further
My life in this world; away I wonder
Deceit and pain brought by dishonesty
Travesty, no modesty
Loving me not worry free
One way street passed life's missed moments
No u-turns allowed
Just red lights and go forwards
Mainframe planes color coded camouflage
Long lines waiting-pacing family mirage
Flew by First Steps Street
Rushed passed His Prom Ave.
Came home At Last Point
Shouldn't have
Go back now
I missed it all
Can't reach them now
I'll die at war
To Him I bow
Let go now is what I hear to reach stars so far and near
But then my hope made an exit
Off Please Road and Daddy's Way
I looked down and all I seen
My baby boy staring back at me

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