Dad Pomes

i Miss you u daddy'sI want u here with me daddy
because It's been 6 year I have seen him
and he didn't pass away but he died 3 time he
doesn't remember nothing And my life suck with
out my dad because we are poor we have a
house but I have no bed me or my two brother
we have nothing to sitting in the live room we cant get
a new house with
a 3 bed room because my
brother sleep in the live room
we only have to bed room and
we only done have much plats or forks and
other stuff and we dodnt have much
food or shose and
other stuff that go on our body because i had a lot or stuff but I
out grow them and now We can't get any thing
we c we don't have that much money
we would have money to
get a new house and other stuff if my dad didn't
get sick I really need help I
Cry my self to sleep every
night because I
am poor and I dodnt like
useing creat cards I really need
help and also my gril dad
ways away yesterday

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