My father tucked me in
And kissed me every night
My father stood up to my closet
To banish any fright
My father's voice boomed with pride
As he sang me lullabies
My father made my coin disappear
Right before my eyes
My father told me I was perfect
And beautiful in every way
My father taught me how to throw a ball
And read to me every day
My father kissed me that night he left
And said to keep my smile large
My father tilted his helmet back
And left dressed in camouflage
My father told me he'd be back
To kiss me again in time
My father is an honest man
But that will always be a lie
For the night that ended his
Was the night that changed my life
All of the grief and misery cannot erase the fact I know
It might be unfair to think
But my father's killer
Is another daughter's hero

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