"Da-da" the new word escapes from her mouth, she is two.
She looks at this man as her world in one room.
"Daddy, lookie me" She is three, a scraped knee.
And she want's him to kiss it, his love makes it clean.
"Daddy look at me" The excitement of a four year old on a bike.
She wants him to watch her on her new trike.
"Daddy look at me" the youthful five year old says.
She just drew a picture of the two holding hands.
"Daddy look at me" she says, but now she's six.
To point to him the bruises his girlfriend inflicts.
"Daddy look at me" and now she's ten, a newer place.
She's getting good at life, but he won't look her in the face.
"Daddy, look at me" she's twelve and crying in the car.
he won't face the reality of how much she's been scarred.
"Daddy look at me" she's already thirteen.
"I don't want this holiday without my family."
"Daddy look at me!" fourteen and bruises on her face.
A new girl is at it and they're all over the place.
"Daddy, please look at me" fifteen and just wanting to die.
He doesn't care how much she hurts and won't watch her
when she cries.
Hey daddy, are you looking?" As the gun is to her head.
She goes to pull the trigger, then wakes up in her bed.

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