I wish you felt better
No more being in pain
But since nothing helped
another angel God has gained

I miss you every minute
You are what I need
Its been over a month
That your soul has been set free

Even though you're gone
I hold you by my heart
That special bond we always had
Will never fall apart

You were such a goofy dad
You had all these cool tattoos
All your kids faces on you
Which you had quite a few

One of these days
We will meet again
Just know that I love you
And I will see you then

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This Poems Story

This poem is written specifically to my dad. My dad passed away due to suicide and mental disorders. He took his life away and I never got to explain to him how much I loved him. He passed away on July 10 of 2018. He locked himself in his truck and taped off each air vent and then put a hose in his truck that was connected to his gas so the gas could put him to sleep. My dad was the most caring person in the world. He always put others before him and no matter how upset things made him, he would put on a smile to make others feel better. Suicide has impacted my life so much and I wish I could have done more to help him get through his struggles.