Too young to remember,
Too old to forget.
My father is a person whom I barely recall.
He is a memory trapped in my mind,
So vague I hardly know if that's really who he was.
The face I see in the frame,
Always smiling, always laughing...
I can barely remember this person.
I remember his laugh,
Always louder than everyone else’s.
I remember his smile,
Always there, just because.
I remember that when he was alive,
I always felt safe and secure.
Cause I had my dad.
My big, strong dad who would always be there to protect me.
But he couldn't be there forever.
In fact, he was gone before it all even started.
The worst feeling in the world is to miss someone so much,
But to think about them is like trying to find something,
Only not knowing what.
You know there's something,
Something big and important...
But you don't actually know till you've found it.
And even then,
You don't know if it's real,
Or if it's what you invented in your mind.
The worst moments that I've experienced
Are when I'd try to remember my dad and realize that I can't.
Soon enough,
I'm scared that..
I won't remember his laugh.
And I won't remember his smile.
I won't remember the security,
And soon enough..
All I'll remember is that I had a father.
That fear,
The fact that one day I’ll remember even less than I do,
Haunts me.

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