Daddy Against The Demon

I had no idea the harm cancer does cause.
Rips the life from under a strong mans paws.
I hate it so much& feel purely defeat.
Nothing I do or say can make his pain deplete.
I won't stand by and watch my hero give up.
As you always said daddy, it is still a half full cup.
You taught me to always be honest and true.
To never give up on the wounded crew.
To know a man who has helped all that were weak.
Then have him be my father was my winning streak.
You chose to take me under your wing.
You showered me with love that makes my heart sing.
I can only hope to be half the person you are.
In my eyes you are the brightest star.
Your guiding hand when I couldn't see.
You always saw the best there was in me.
There is no thank you that would mean enough.
It is because of you I am so tough.
I know in my heart you helped me stand tall.
See the positive through it all.
The hearts you have touched are such an inspiration.
I am proud to say I am yours and Gods creation.
One day I pray to find a man somewhat like you.
Then I know it'd last forever when I said "I do"
You have such a generous heart and intelligent mind.
Daddy; you truly are one of a kind.

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