Daddy issues

The words from your mouth hit me like an out of control bus rolling down the hill of depression where I am at the bottom of that hill. I can’t control when I cry so when you say I am making a big deal out of nothing I cry harder and you say stop it. You are a knife father that just drives through my heart over and over again. When you say your sorry what I’ve been through and role your eye meaning you aren’t, it makes me want to sing a song of sorrow to where that song with be stuck in my head for eternity. Saying I am mentally unstable father shame on you because you made me this way to where I cry when I am alone for someone to come to me and no one does. Father I am lonely within alone, father I am in a rabbit hole of fear and sadness and you pushed me in. Father why would you creat me. Me as a disappointment. Me as a freak. Me as nothing. You say I’m unworthy father I KNOW THAT father its impossible to make me think that even more. Father you say you are nothing like yours but I don’t see a difference between you and a murderer. Father I looked up to you once soon a time until the day you said fuck this child will never become anything then have the nerve to say that I don’t get to cry. Father I can’t defend you when you break me like an antique glass doll. Father I can’t love you when you want to bang on the door at night because you fought with mom again. Just please for the life of me, just fucking go.

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Well it is probably the saddest thing I wrote. My father and I never got along.