Daddy Told Me so

Daddy use to say
them boys today don't play with toys today
there not like we was
they act like there born yesterday

I should have listen to daddy
I wouldn't be where i am today
he said i been there i done that
i was once a boy but it wasn't yesterday

Daddy use to say
be careful who you be around
I should have listen to daddy
because now there's no one around
not a soul not a sound
no one to call on no one to lean on but god

Daddy use to say
I love you
I should have told him
Because now i can no longer hold him
daddy's gone
and all I have left is what
daddy use to say
Daddy i love you

Dedicated to anyone whom has lost a daddy I thank the lord my daddy is still here to tell him I love him don't wait until its to late to tell your daddy you love him

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