I looked behind the front door. Daddy wasn`t there!
Then I cried` “daddy, daddy where are you?”
He wasn`t seen anywhere!

“Daddy, can you hear me?” “My school was great today!”
My dad did not answer, because he wasn`t there.

I opened up the window! To see if dad was there.
I asked Brandon if he saw a tall man with bald head and no beard.
“Daddy can I see you?” “Can you come today?”
But daddy did not answer, because he wasn`t there!

Daddy couldn`t answer. Maybe he`s sick OR – maybe tired too!
This is what daddy tells me!
each and everyday!

Daddy!! “Can you teach me?”
“I want to read with you!”
“I want to let you know that I can read.”
“I want to read with you!”

“Daddy, Can you hear me?”
Daddy where are you?
I want for us to play-maybe go fishing
I want you to teach me to ride my bike
I want to spend time with you !

Then off to bed
The night was dark- with mother by my side.
“Your daddy does not live here!”
Those words she kindly said.

I will teach you how to ride
And every night we can read
I will guide you as you grow each day
So that you can succeed
Then she leaned over to my face
And blew my kiss goodnight!

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