Daddy’s Girl

I vowed never to rest my lips upon the tar filled tobacco stick
You lied for years, "I am just stepping out to make a call"

Hidden with mint gum.
Your cologne so strong I could taste.
Your freshly shaved cheeks in the morning
you smiling at me with those always loving eyes

You stayed quiet, ashamed every time I discovered a new pack.
The visits shortened, calls became random and discreet.
Although everything seemed to change nothing could take away
how much a daughter needed a father

Curiosity caused me to break my vow
I inhaled what I hated my whole life
Once, twice that was enough for me
I was never able to understand what void it filled for you.
So much time has passed but the feeling towards your deadly habit
still the same

My pleads may have impacted you just enough
You tried it all, the gum, the patch, cold turkey
You clung at the thought of quitting and wanting your family back

You come around more often now smelling of the same cologne
Chewing the same mint gum, not meant to cover or hide.
No more yellowed teeth or lies
Just those loving eyes above freshly shaved cheeks
Greeting me daddy's girl.

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