Daddy’s Girl

You held my hand the minute I came into this world, a love was developed stronger than anything. You looked at me and sweetly said " yeps, that's my girl." I became your little bitty everything.
Over the years I began to learn more,I did the best as a kid to behave. Neither of us had an idea what was in store, my dad taught me tough love and how to forgive.
I got arrested one year and dad was extremely mad, I knew I did wrong and learned my lesson. What I did made me feel really bad, after that I finally began to listen.
Me and dad had our fights, but he was always looking out for my best interest. And wouldn't you know Dad was right, dad cried the day I walked and got my success.
The love between a daughter and father is forever, it doesn't change or go away. No other man can take the place of her father, they don't run or walk away from their pain.
God saw you getting sick and weak, my heart was crushed as I sat and watched you take your last breath. I felt as if you did your best to defeat, the day you left my heart fell out of my chest.
It's been two years and nothing has changed, my heart still hurts. I was yours and you were my everything, but I'm your daughter and my daddy's girl.
As I grow up I take what you taught me, I became the person you wanted to see. My daddy I love and miss you with everything, and I hope you're happy with the woman I've meant to be.
You held my hand the minute you saw me, our love developed stronger than anything. You looked at me and sweetly said " yeps, she's my everything. And I thought , "yeps, that's my amazing daddy."
A father's love is a daughters ring, it doesn't fade or lose color. A daughter becomes a father's everything. Nothing is stronger than a father loving his daughter.

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This Poems Story

This is based on the relationship me and my dad had. I lost him 2 yrs ago and I miss him everyday. He was my hero through everything. I get my strength from him. He taught me to be a better person. I'll always be his little girl.