Daddy\’s Little Girl

The silence is loud.
The cries are heard.
Nobody cares.
Nobody ever will.

She’s alone.
Sitting in her room.
Curled up in a ball.
Dying little by little.

She hears the screams.
The smacking.
The throwing.
The cries.

She runs out.
Looks towards her daddy.
“Go back to your room baby girl.” he says
He has anger in his eyes.

She runs back to her room.
The screaming continues.
Its her mother’s voice.
The voice that was supposed to comfort her.

It’s getting scary now.
She stays in the corner.
Still curled up in a ball.
Tears rushing down her face.

Her bedroom door flings open.
It’s her mother.
She looks enraged.
Bags in her hands.

Her mother grabs her by the shirt.
Not so gentle this time.
She’s saying things.
Bad things about him.

She’s shoved in the car.
“you’re never seeing your father again” her mother says.
She doesn’t understand why.
She starts to whimper.

She’s a daddy’s girl.
Her knight in shining armor.
He saved her from the darkness.
Which happened to be her mother.

She’s 16 now.
She has a new family.
Her daddy, his new wife and son.
She’s happy.

Her daddy is her hero.
Her new mom is her light.
Her little brother is her everything.
It is now, all alright.

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