Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy, you always inspire me
And fill me with hope
So that when the pain comes
I know how to cope

I am daddy’s princess
The light in his smile
The joy in his heart
That makes him go miles

I am daddy’s tough little girl
Beyond a reasonable doubt
He taught me to be independent
Even though most times I would pout..

You always know what is best for me
Even if I think it doesn’t seem fair
You’ve opened my eyes so I can see
All the pain that made me unaware

You see, I had a daddy
Who I thought I filled with joy
But the truth was revealed,
I was just a toy

Daddy had another baby girl
In his life right now
Had no time for flesh and blood
But I didn’t see it somehow.

When my daddy walked out of my life
You were brave enough to step in
Everything seemed alright
I knew, somehow, I was your kin.

You never once judged me
You always held my hand
When times got rough
I still know where I stand.

I’m still the light in your smile
And the joy in your heart
I was daddy’s little girl
Right from the start

I am growing up, you see
Creating a life full of my dreams
No need to be upset
You’re the only man I need

Graduation is around the corner
A month away from me
I can see you now
Jumping up and clapping with glee

You are my best friend
You are the reason I push so hard
Into things I think I cannot do
You taught me to raise the bar.

I am the luckiest daughter alive
To have a dad care so much
To stand in and be a father
While, it seems, mine left me in a bush..

You are my daddy,
May not be by blood,
Maybe not by kin,
But by a fathers love.

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