Daddy's never wrong

The marks and bruises on my body,
daddy says don't show.
His voice ringing in
my head,screaming
don't tell.
The beatings everynight,
daddy says it's routine.
Daddy says it's okay to be a whore,
he says it's okay to earn what you eat,
he says
it's okay because he uses a condom,
But then why do i feel filthy everynight after he is done?
Why can't i seem to scrape the filth off my 14 year old body?
Why do i cry when i see the dried condoms in the bin the following morning?
Is daddy doing something wrong or is it just me?
Forget me,iam just being paranoid,
Daddy's never wrong.

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This Poems Story

A girl who expierences abuse from her father yet holds the father in dear light because she is in denial and does not want to believe that what her father does is wrong.