Daddy’s Promise

The promise when you met Mommy.
The promise when you noticed you have a kid.
The promise when I came into the world.
The promise when my toes first curled.
The promise when you first looked into my eyes.
But how could you look into these eyes?
This mouth that pulls and tugs at your heart.
With these hands I could rip you apart.
Daddy it was your hand I wanted to hold.
Your image is slipping from memory.
Why, when you are apart of me.
I want you here! But, I can't stand you near.
What do you see when you look at me?
Daddy are you proud of me?
If so where were you? Daddy all I ask of thee,
don't forget the promise you made to me.
The promise to be my protector, teacher and healer.
The day you conceived me, with a blood tie you promised me,
that you were my Father and you loved me.

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