Dads Fight

Dad, I wish I could make the hurt go away.
I wish I could tell you it will be okay.
It breaks my heart when I see you now,
So weak and vulnerable is not who you are.
When you look in the mirror you question everything you see,
No longer do you look like dad to me.
Your perfect smile is now in disarray
Your hearing is slowly starting to fade away.
The weight loss is starting to show on your face.
With eyes of loneliness and of hurt
I have only seen you cry once before
Nothing prepared me for what I saw.
When you broke down by the car,
Your witty zip has left your vessel,
Your light is slowly burning out.
I am sorry for all I did growing up.
I know you just wanted the best.
I wonder now if I pushed you away,
To a place where we are today.
As a child you are blinded by the world
I never realized the power of God's love.
Please don't be afraid take God's hand
He will help you win the fight.
He will show you the love you need to survive.
He will protect you through the night.
He is your father in the sky.

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