Dad's Good-Bye

It all happened rather sudden having to say good-bye.
My children standing all around as tears filled their eyes.
Then I heard a voice say, son it's time to come home.
Lord how can I leave them here all alone?
Come, he said, there's something I want you to see.
Next thing I knew I left my failing body.
He took me to the waiting room oh what I beheld.
Standing there before me was so many all around.
He spread his arms oh so wide, son can you not see,
all these here before you, they are family.
As my eyes filled with tears I said, yes I understand.
Come my child it's time to go, as he took me by the hand.
Lord how will I know they will be alright
once I leave this world and step into the light?
With a chuckle in his voice oh so very dear,
come my son there's something I want you to hear.
Close your eyes, listen tight as your family sings you to the light.
With each song that you sang it lifted me oh so high
before I even knew it I started toward the sky.
What seemed to you me fading away was actually me going home today.
Please don't mourn me very long I'm not gone just finally home.

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This Poems Story

My name is Margie Pierson, born to the late Robert and Ruth Jester. I was born and raised in a small town called Milford, Delaware. I have been writing poetry since I was fifteen when I lost my grandmother. This poem was written when I lost my father. Poetry is my stress release. I am the youngest of seven children. I have three children, two step-children and five grandchildren. I give my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, all the credit and thanks to my talent and family.