Daedalus: Man of Stone

Oft was dreary days, that made the stone man groan
His sorrowful heart grieved, forever tied to that one place
Hindering his kinship youth to blossom into sword polisher.
Frozen to the Earth’s face to serve their ring maker,
The Lord who promised sweetness, seething freedom,
If the Stone Man pledged loyalty to be his maker.
Days bound to collapsing within his own mind plagued to repetition his works.
Yearning to taste the sea’s salty dew upon wave-swine rather than walk the River Styx of his mind.
Madness lurking to strike poison to his wind of theory, yet
A brazen bull and a perverted plot proposed by the Lord’s ribbon-yearner
Witchcraft to possess and a beast with a ravenous appetite and fate
Delivered by exiled witch, bench mate to the Stone Man
He was trapped to reflect in a pillar of stone to find some solution to his Lord’s sorrows.
Trapped to find the answer to trap a beast that drank the raven wine of light wielders,
Beneath the palace walls.
A mound hastener with billowing nostrils that flared with Prometheus’ gift,
With a maw that had vored the blood’s seats left from shield storms
The Stone Man theorized, a widow’s web, devoid of life among the stores of barley and grain
The proposal seized his master, as the grains of time gave way to five long years.
The demon burrowed within those thin grains writhing in the horn froth home.
Blood-curdling cries of the beast’s heart resounded his defeat in containment,
With triumph, the Stone Man bathed in glorious horn froth yet his joy was extinguished
Shackles were borne from gratitude and the Man of Stone wept.
Bound to his son by the Earth’s unbreakable gifts the Stone Man’s hatred festered,
Becoming its own spiteful premonition to bear their freedom.
The Stone Man gathered the flakes of trees binding them with the candle’s blood and the
Bird leaves.
Hemp bound his kin and himself to the skies beneath the Helios-kissed rays of heaven’s jewel.
Yet when the candle’s blood began to bind with the sword polisher, he perished.
Swallowed by Scylla’s jagged maw and churned into oblivion to become Poseideon’s servant.
The Stone Man wept, yet pressed on windward.
His beating life withered and grew dull and his heart grew wintry as the salty home pierced him.
He mourned, reflecting his wasted youth and the billow’s burden of kinship.
No fate could be worse than this theorized the thinker even the fate of the man who stole fire for the mortals.
The Stone Man wept wishing to trade his existence
With the thief who grew a kidney each day to be plucked out by the blood gull.
To wallow in the pain and misery that his heart cried out.
He exiled himself to sands and crags to carry out to the candle’s flame end
And become billow’s burden to the whale path of grief.

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