Daggers and Spears

Daggers and Spears... Erupted thoughts from my mind, pushed through my eyes fall an unending flow of tears. Tangled memories hang on strings of my emotions. Drinking from bottles of poisoned love potions. Reflections of emptiness; frozen in time but I watch the hands on the clock continue to tick. Looking myself in the eyes but no one is there, soul asking questions but none of the answers are clear. Smiles hide the pain I feel inside, but behind these closed doors my screams reveal the piece of me that has died. My strength now weakness, awake but feel I’m dreaming, I close my eyes but still sleepless. Feeling numb to what’s happening but the reality consumes me. The past holds shadows of storms, the present full of darkness and the future doesn’t look to bright. Lips parting only to keep repeating the word WHY. Emotionally, mentally and physically, feeling broken and weak; lost in broken promises that both of us made but we didn’t keep. Submerged in a tub of black rose petals, drowning myself with the anger and pain I feel. Screaming I hate you but my heart loves u still. Ego and pride wouldn’t allow fixing of the mistakes that were made, but never imagined this would be the price to be paid. I know I’ve made choices in life that I can’t take back, but now a life has been made from choices that can’t be took back. Trying to figure out how to accept the unexpected cards I’ve been dealt, I’ve begun to convince myself that happy endings only exist in fairytales.. How did Love go wrong? These are the Daggers and Spears that’s left my heart pierced and torn.......

Christie Davis

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