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ain’t nobody really gave me a chance based off my appearance,
so lets start a movement,
I’m tired of being bound by the shackles
and because I’m young and black and choose to fight back
I’m stamped a lil rascal,
my head been buried in these books oppression I looked up,
by definition I’m oppressed sending all those around into a depression,
not just pocket wise it’s mentally disguised
try to drug us up and keep our voices on hush but why…???
they already got our minds my heritage I barely find
but this is nothing new I haven’t learned it since grade school,
it’s my education that they despise
a black man politicking to reverse what he’s been getting he dies,
shouts out to Obama two terms I just wonder; a success or a plunder?”
why haven’t they buried this black man alive,
is his decisions truly at his discretion?
so, why does the white man want
what he has neglected to oblige, the culture was suspected but young beiber
has come to the other side
I must admit that the hip hop culture has done what it’s suppose to,
by letting their enemies now they can rise
but our potential not fully meet since we’re bribed
into taking our own lives
if you think it’s not true
just look what we’ve been diminished too
we’ve been thrown to the other side

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