Daily Reminder

I hate the Mid-West
And the things placed in my chest
That make my head a self-absorbed mess.
Fuck is what I say
When nothing better can fill a page.
I'm tired of the constant battle
To do a fraction better.
He's not me
And I'm not him.
Allow me to remind you
He's not me
And I'm fucking not him.
Now I'm over-reacting
As if I was a heartbroken kid.
Well I am.
You want a man
And I need to remind myself...
He's not me
And I'm nowhere near him.
That one hurt bad.
Thanks for the chance
Sorry for the confusion.
Cause I remember when it was here in my hands
But I just fucking blew it.
Need I say more?
He's not me
And you already know the rest.

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