Go away Daisy Miller; you can’t sit here all day,
The yellow lilacs will blossom, unless you have your way.
Fiery red hair, covered up by dirty brown,
Sawed-off demon horns, beneath your floral crown.
Keep it up Daisy Miller, we will send you away,
Torment those lovely boys and decide if you will stay.
Trim those nails down to bone so they won’t scratch and claw,
Tighten the corset, squeeze the lung, don’t present any flaw.
Don’t pout Daisy Miller, keep those emotions at bay,
No man will ever marry you unless you are designed of clay.
Opiate-laced furniture, and oriental tastes,
Palette for the finer things, perception of the economic castes.
Ask for forgiveness Daisy Miller, when you hack and cough that way,
For blood to stain those pretty pink lips, would only cause delay.
Bumps discovered she keeps hidden away, a baby left behind,
Veins pierced with instruments so fierce, pairs of legs entwined.
It is time to rise Daisy Miller, for the calendar instructs us to pray,
A man will always notice the girl who knows how to follow and obey.
Infected tentacles reaching far beyond, the golden coastal rims,
Romantic poems turned to dust, the men all sing her hymns.
Farewell my to precious Daisy Miller, say the actors in her tragic play,
Strong heredity was completely lost, on this feminized Dorian Gray.
Perhaps you’ll do better with an old Irish Setter,
Who truly knows how to hunt for their prey.

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This Poems Story

Inspired by Daisy Miller, by Henry James, this poem was created from the frustration associated with gender stereotypes.