Your smile shines as bright as an almost full moon
No matter how much you’re damaged
Know you are loved
To the moon and back
No matter what you’ve done
Know that love is there
Until the sun rises
To bask your beautiful face in the sunshine
Know you are enough
Your darkness can’t swallow you up
The Universe won’t allow such
You have such a unique soul
That gift won’t go to waste
You have something great to contribute to the World
Even if you feel a little damaged now
Or maybe you feel like a wreck of emotional feelings
A crack in the heart to a completely torn up life
We’re all the same
We’re all human beings
And we’re all loved in this Universe
Damaged or not on the inside
We each have a place
Where the Universe is calling us home
Back to the World’s warm embrace
Do not be afraid
It will be okay
The Universe whispers this in our ears
For some of us, hearing it takes years
But your smile has always shone as bright as an almost full moon
No matter how much you’ve been damaged

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