Damn, I Lived

I walk alone at night,
With nothing but the stars as my guiding light.
The moon, my sacred friend,
Forever protecting me from the evil within.
My constant reminder that in the darkness,
There will always be light.

My endless dreams,
Smothered in the dark,
Too afraid to break free,
Locked in the prison of my mind,
Forever burns like fire.
Sometimes it's a roaring flare,
Matching my desire in intensity.
Others it's a smoldering ember,
Burning slow in the back of my mind.

The silence beckons me forward,
With whispered secrets of a promised land.
Every day I inch ever closer to the abyss,
To the day when the light won't return,
And my dreams fade to nothing.

The day I die,
Will be the day I will reflect upon myself,
And, hopefully, be able to say,
"Damn, I lived."

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