Damn It

~Damn It~

All curled up in bed
Sleeping a silent slumber like the dead
Not a single noise, except the summer wind
I feel a pressure at the other end
Open a sleepy eye
I don't see darkness
I see your face instead
Even half asleep
I'm still happy to see you
So happy I could weep
Into your arms you sweep me
And in this moment I agree
There is no other place I'd rather be
You trail your fingertips across my skin
Makes my face turn red
And makes me grin
You tenderly caress my cheek
I kiss your lips and now you know
There's more that I seek
My face is cupped in your hand
It's soft and sweet
And yet it's a demand
A single kiss sets me on fire
Right now you are the only thing that I desire
The kiss deepens and I bite your lips
You pin me down and grab my hips
You whisper in my ear
That you always want me near
And that you'd shatter
If I were ever to disappear
Always and forever
Is what I whisper back
You smile at me
Like this is a night you will forever remember
"Close your eyes" You say to me
I look at you questioningly
You grin and say "Wait and see."
I do as you ask without a sound
You lift my hand and on my finger
You slip on something small and round
I open my eyes and in this light I see
An engagement ring gleaming back at me
I gasp and hug you tight
Whisper "Yes!" what an amazing night
A sound pierces my ears
My alarm clock sounds like shears
It cuts through my brain
I rub at my eyes again and again
Looking down at my finger
My emotions still linger
For a second I don't understand
What this all means
Then I remember....
I only ever see you in my dreams

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