Damned Dead Depressed : Part 1

My mind is with fear
And my head is never held high
Whatever happiness I try
Is short than my sigh

There is something rotten
Inside of me
Something dark
Pulling me
Something sharp
Blunting me
Something devoid
Lonely me

So much is its power
Over me
That I question every moment
I breathe
For every sadness
I blame me
For every joy
I reason thee

Why are these incidents
So long deep
Why are these moments
So lonely
Why on earth
Do I hate me
Why on my life
I no leave

In the sea of faces
I drown myself
From reckoning of masses
I foul myself

I change my mind
To change myself
Disappearing behind
I loathe myself

Why is it so true
Of the evil within
I question my own
When others didn't
Was it too late to
Summer this thought
Was it too new to
Give it up all

Now I stand on the edge
Of mind and life
The stories and lectures
Of peers and mine
Shout of mine
Are lost tonight
Songs of mine
Were never seen light
Sounds of mine
Silenced my mind

As I drifted
The wind passed by
By moment
My life passed by
I panicked midway
But not had a choice
The jump of mine
Was a way of for me
It wasn't a leap of faith
But my crush of dream

Moment by moment
The group grew near
And to end it all
The thud woke my parents dear

Now I don't know
What happened next
As my dad help my body
My mom just took her breathe
As my sister watched long
From the window lone
No ones tears
Would have now bought me home

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