Damon Albarn

Looking in your eyes, I become entranced
They hold beauty as well as power
I never tire of them, I cannot
They make me smile just as your gorgeous face does
Your voice makes me joyous; I smile and laugh when nothing is funny
It sends chills through my body and makes my heart race in my throat
I am full of energy when I hear you sing
I can barely hold still
I could not tell you of my admiration if we met
I'd be too nervous
Not many are as great as you
When I hear you, it's like I'm in my own world
There, everything is happy
I have no fears, worries, problems, or insecurities
I am never angry or sad
It's perfect
No one else understands the natural high I get from your voice
It must be because they are not fortunate enough to experience it
I'm so glad I discovered you when I did

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