Dance Of Bear and Cub

Under starlit skies the bears walk by, one cubs reaching paw stretching for his bear. In the distance music plays. A sound of natures music starts up the band. The wind blows and the crickets sing making a sound that can make you sing.
The cub looks up, eye sparkle and shine. He pulls the bear ahead one step at a time. The bear moves forward, knowing his cub can not wait. This is their date, the one that can't wait.
Bear looks down and pulls his cub close and tight. The lights of the aurora set off like disco lights. Fireflies light the trees over head. The bear and his cub move on up ahead.
As they enter the circle all eyes turn to see. For the bear does not dance, so what can this be? He takes Cubs paw and then by the back, bear leads his cub forward and back.
To all that can see cub breaks ohut in glee, bear is dancing, he is dancing, just for me. They move with grace at a joyful pace. Round the floor and back again, a spin and a dip.
When the music is done the bear and cub come undone. "Where did you learn?" The cub asks with a grin, "I know because I love you" The bear then replies. I do any thing I can to see that beautiful smile.
Cub holds his bear and bear sheds a tear. The only thing he wanted was to see his cub smile.

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