As simple as it seems, the more it redeems.
The better you tap, the more the zap.
The bigger the turns, the more it burns.
The bigger the applaud, the better squad.
The more you do ballet, the bigger the birthday.
The better you do jazz, the more you pizzazz.
The prettier the lyrical, the more the miracle.
A dancer's heart beats in eight-count.
The dancer's feet always fall in time.
A dancer feels like no other, the vibrant rhythm of life.
And it all goes into the performance.
All the joy and all the strife.
Because their minds are otherwise engaged.
Dancers are truly a different breed.
The sound of the rhythm, Pulse through the heart,
And awakens the spirit that keeps them apart.
The mind finds the glory, the soul grasp the beat,
And swiftly the body just follow the feet.
And round and round, the spirit dance free,
But still lay the body, that's visible to thee.

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