Dance, Dance, Dance…

In the heat of the dance you feel like you’re reborn,
flashes, waves of emotions have you spinning,
music overtakes your body as your mind is soaring,
with all the excitement, the night is just beginning

Floor shining like a sea of glass, feels like it is rolling,
blood rushing to your head, your heart is pounding,
you feel like some strange trance is controlling,
with mystical beats dazzling and confounding

Twisting, turning in response to your partners touch,
your bodies getting closer and closer together,
adrenaline filling your veins with an incredible rush,
you want tonight to last forever

Disco ball is gleaming, the strobe lights flashing,
music so loud you can’t hear yourself think,
enjoying all the sensations, smiling and laughing,
your bodies working together, totally in sync

Faster, faster sweaty and exhausted, you twirl and move,
thump, thump, thump the music is vibrating your soul,
songs never ending, you finally found your grove,
the dance has you totally loosing all control

Dance, dance, dance…

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