Dance Like Everyone Is Watching!

Dance like no one is watching? I simply don't agree.
You should dance with as much passion as you can flee.
Mind body and soul from your head to your toe!
Around and round and around we go.
With strengh, and accuracy our heads to the sky,
making all around us a passer-by.
Always glide across the floor like the world ends with the song,
what better way to go then embraced in anothers arms.
More alive than living, both taking, and then giving.
Through aggression and compassion, the magic surely happens!
With every boom and tic, every beat, and step,
breathing heavily on the floor as if you have none left.
As the beat comes to an end, reality becomes pretend,
you went from knowing someone to creating a life long friend.
But is it the dance? Or the person in your stance?
Whatever your reason its pure love and romance!
And should you decide to be a cat with nine lives,
you can dive back in as the next song begins.
Just remember from before, but be weary of what's next,
some dances will make you fixate, and others will lay you to rest.
So dance, dance, dance!
Like everyone is watching you,
and let the life you lived be on time, on point, and true.

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