Dance of Death

This tango we do,
Just us two
Me and you
Day and night we see through
I leap from the heavens and into your arms
To my fate I am headed
No, you won't lift my spirit with charm
Gravity, me and you
Just us two
Though we've never locked eyes I know they’re deep blue
Gravity, me and you
I was once so careless
I know times not on my side, but what's left I shall cherish
Just me and you
No Johnny or Sue
My appreciation for life,like a healthy tree, has grew
As I fall, I gaze up at the sky; more grey than true
The sun is crimson and the birds swim The sky is shattered
Like destiny, it’s grim
Nearing the sand
This dance comes to and end
Soon I shall fly, Gravity Without needing you again

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