Dancing Ever Homeward

We danced likes lovers in the pale morning hours,
Long before either of us had to be up.
We should have been laying in bed asleep,
But it was at that moment I could have sworn I was.
You my dear are like a dream that comes true every moment I'm awake.
I drank up the passion we had then,
As the glow of the rising sun spilled into our bedroom.
I saw you better then, than anyone ever has before.
Your scars. Your freckles. Your curves.
Your tired eyes. Your imperfections.
But as God as my witness, you have never looked so perfect.
We are more than star-crossed lovers.
We are best friends.
The one you play in the sandbox with.
The one you go to hell and back for.
We are intellectual companions.
We stay up for hours pouring ourselves over books and conversation.
It was as our hips swayed together and our fingers were interlaced.
As my lips touched your back, that I felt at home.

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