Dancing lovers

Once upon midnight summer
danced two lovers around each other
under the watchful eye of their blazing camp fire
to whom his self could not help but dance
while casting the lovers shadows upon the moon
for the world to see the love they hold

the wind awoken by the light of the blazing fire
and to his amazement he saw that the lovers
hearts were as pure as gold
and he knew it was true love they hold
with excitement and joy he blew with all his might
to wake every creature near and far
so they may gaze upon the moon
and watch the love that's ever so true

the water awoken by the howling wind
and seen the beauty the dancers hold with in
she knew that the love they hold was the purest ever known
so she began to thrust her waves against the rocks
banging and beating within their rhythm

mother earth awoken by the sounds of the thrusting water
when she gazed upon the dancing lovers
she knew their love would last for ever
as she watched the lovers dance
she raised her leafy arms shaking them back and forth
to the rhythm of the loving dancers

the spirits were awoken by the fire,wind,water and mother earth
they knew this was the purest beauty ever seen
but it wouldn’t last in this world today
for it is cruel and unrefined and they began to cry
so they prayed to the angels to have mercy on these lovers

the angels knew these dancers would show the world
the love and beauty everyone should know
so they reached down upon these lovers
to take them to the moon
and to this day if you look closely
you will see the lovers dancing together

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