Dancing on a Cliff-side

Dancing on this cliff-side always seems like fun
I don't even realize I'm falling til it's done
One misstep and I am crashing to the ground
The world flying by in wild colors so loud
I float, arms stretching out, drifting upwards
Forgetting to fly, I am a bird
With broken wings and feathers plucked
Alone, betrayed, never enough
Remembering how it felt to be close to the sun
My heart a flight risk, ready to run
If I could just touch the sky
I know I would then be alright
Reaching out with no success
I've got nothing left but disgust
For this body that does nothing but fail me
And this mind so ready to betray me
I'll let the waves swallow me whole
Consumed once more by this darkness so cold
I'm ready to let go and finally sink
Eyes blur, one breath, no more time to think
Lungs screaming out, body starts to writhe
One last look, spots of sunlight
I can't remember what I am running from
Against my will, I start to swim

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