Dancing with the devil

The beginning of,
This breathless war.
A snowy white tornado so euphoric,
Too high for birds to soar.

A blissfully warm rush.
Magical snow.
A feeling so limited,
Depending on how far we go.

Sway to the music,
We'll get lost in the sound.
Make this our greatest escape.
Alas, heaven. Together found.

Inhale it all away.
This poisonous "Happiness", so raw.
If you let the devil have everything, believe me he'll take it all.

We will steal away the night,
For sleep is no longer and option.
With shaky control and unsteady strides,
We're warped thoughtlessly unto immeasurable caution.

For too much could kill us.
But who are we to care, to know?
A dusty river of carelessness, recklessness, flooding our once sane minds.
This time, how far will we go?

Doomed to return vital to a soulless pit,
We lie still permanently defeated.
Dawn arrives, leering through the darkness,
The infinite cycle. Godless misery repeated.

Barely conscious, your name breaking free from such an imprisoned mouth.
I look around. No sound. I stand beside your body. So blue, so still, frozen.
Lying lifeless on the ground.

I've never touched skin so cold.
I've never seen this shade of blue.
A soulless canvas. A painted cliche.
I've killed you.

My beloved angel,
Lay under brown eyes.
My useless soul left here alive.
For eternal love, there is no goodbye.
You're my deepest regret until the end of time.
I apologize.

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