Lonely,like the only dandelion in the meadow,
I trusted them thanks to their sweetness,
But they reversed my kidness for weakness
then they twisted my words,
Truth got lost in their mouths,
Filled me with doubts,
Left me here, questioning my worth,
So I faded away like the clouds in a puddle, I disappeared

Lonely, like the only dandelion by the road,
Dust has settled and covered me,
The fire used to shine so bright,
Ash is all over me now,
And the wind took my delight,
I thought I’d drown, when I was cleaning myself,
eventually the river carried it away

I laid down on the ground,
And looked up to the sky,
I stopped waiting for you to come around,
I’ve set myself free,
I know It’s not going to stay like that forever,
And I know, I should be telling myself, that everything’s going to be fine,
Just let me laying here for awhile and let me come with the right rhyme,
And with the words I can express myself the best,
Don’t make me think about the rest,
I know everything will work out at the end.

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