dandelion spores

too often i have allowed a rose to wilt
are you karma?
is this my punishment,
to meet my soulmate but
be denied him?
a dead phone line, an unsent message
as wails echo around my bedroom
there is some cruel irony
i could not write when i was with you
you made me at peace
but now the words flow faster than i can type
maybe the same will be said for your song
i am sure i will see your name plastered
around a record store
and it will sting to think of you
but i will smile just the same
i knew you
i knew your flaws
and i could list them now, as emotions run high
still all i can do is pray to gods whom i dispute
for the stars to align and to send me to you
i can wish upon dandelions and blow their spores
into the wind
and dream that one of them would sail to you
and rest there

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