The man smelled like mixture of liquor and cigars.
The smell was kinda beautiful.
I breathed it in like a new candle,
hoping to savor it deep within my nostrils.
The man came in the shop everyday to buy flowers for his wife.
I envied how in love they were.
Never had I ever thought they fought.
But one day
the man came in without a smile on his face.
He placed only one flower on the counter
instead of his usual bouquet of beautiful yellow dandelions.
I asked, "only one for you today, sir?"
he nods, without saying a word.
After ringing him up he finally speaks.
"My wife suspects that I'm cheating on her
since I buy a bouquet of flowers,
and only give her one.
But the truth is, I buy the bouquet
and pick out the most beautiful one to give to her
and burn the rest."

"Why?" I ask.
"Isn't that a waste of money?"

The man chuckles.

"I don't have a bouquet of women, I only have her."

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