Lets blow dandelion fluff,
Making endless wishes
Letting wish seeds swirl around us
Until they plant themselves,
To spout up and bring forth our deepest desires.
Lets take the petals and make rose water
To south our soul,
Bring peace to out minds.
and from the stems let us build a home.
Lets fall into the grass
After white dandelion fluff danced with us,
To watch the stars in the middle of the day
and watch the clouds in the middle of the night.
Let us lay without a care in the world,
Until we are no longer laying on blades of green
But above a blanket of white.
Lets lay until the green beneath us becomes brown
And the leaves dance down to meet us.
Let lay hand in hand
Until the flowers bloom, wilt, die
And bloom again.
Put your hand in mine.
Let me paint a picture of your smile.
Intertwine your heart with mine,
And let us be one
Together, forever

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