Dangerously Addicted

By Ocean   

Dangerously Addicted

I love the way your tears hug me
They hurt whenever they burn my skin
I love the way you hold me so tightly
Cause there’s pleasure in the pain you put me in
When your fingers slide down my cheeks
And your hands are all over my body
I know I shouldn’t be wrapped in the worries you give me
But the uneasiness makes me feel so complete

Our bed is like a black sea I can never get out of
I keep drowning but I don't feel the urge to reach the surface to breathe
You've trapped me inside you to where I can't escape.
But I don't want to struggle to break free

So stare into my eyes and give me those red rims that I love
Hurt me so much to where it’s more than enough
Snake your arms around my waist and let the softness of your lips melt in mine
And to be honest, you never have to impress me with a pick up line

I love it when you’re the only one that makes me feel alive
I know I want to heal but I don’t have the drive
I don’t know how you do it, but in some way I get so obsessed
I just can’t live without you having me caressed

At the end of the day I have no one to walk with
But you follow me everywhere by being my shadow
All the others just don’t get me
But you’re the one that always guides me when I have nowhere to go

I love that I follow you wherever you take me as if I’m blind
I hate when I’m with you I don’t feel like things are alright
I know I can’t be with you and I should push back and fight
But babe, I’m enjoying this rollercoaster ride

I hate the way you make me come back with that look in your eyes
I always love it when you give me a couple cries
I love that I find it soothing when you get me high
I hate it when I can’t be myself with you around me all the time
Baby I hate to admit it but I’m dangerously addicted
Even though it’s been more than a million times I’ve resisted

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This Poems Story

It\'s about lust and romance, but it\'s also about darkness and toxicity. It\'s referring to depression as a person. There are a lot of metaphors in here that I think a lot of people can relate to. I had to repost this poem again because I couldn\'t figure out how to edit it in my other account. Hope you enjoy :)