Dangling from a string

Sometimes I show you more, 
Than I wanted you to see.  
Still I show you nothing, 
inside of me.
If I try to guess why, 
That you cannot see.
This pain that I hide, 
Then it shouldn't be.
Though i needed you so badly, 
to untangle these strings, 
That dangled pecouriously -over me. 
But It really doesn't matter,  
No it doesn't matter to me, 
If I am just a tangled puppet, 
if that is all you see. 
So I tried and i tried,
to pull myself away, 
from all of these strings, 
that made me move that way, 
but I could not escape, 
from this web I have made,
I know the reason, this is my fate.  
So Just put your eyes, in front of mine, 
you'll see everything,  a little better, 
you'll see the things, I cant understand, 
you'll see inside me, and what happened, 
though it was not -ever expected,  
no it was not- ever planned,  
Im still dangling,
Here from these strings, 
Yes i am- caught in a web, 
A spiders web dream, 
And still i am, 
here and i am, 
Nothing but a puppet,
that you see, 
I guess -i am this, 
I guess- this is me, 
Just a puppet- hanging, 
From a string.

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