Deep in the forest mislead by the worm of insincerity,
Craving happiness for a life of eternity-
She misguided herself into the false beauty manifested by the moonlight
The dishonest star light sparkled in the dark- to purloin the eyes of wonder.
Yet they were not hope glimmering in the painted black sky,
But hope shattered in the depths of a plane numb sky.
She soaked herself in the flattery of the blissful spring
Not realizing it was followed by the misfortune of the woeful autumn
Treasured beneath the garden of ecstasy,
Were the roots of dead hope bestowing the petals of wilted dreams
She misguided herself into the fallacy claimed by the swaying candle
And never listened to the truth sung out by the blazing and ravaging fire.
She listened to the lies bespoken by the dove
By denying the veracity murmured by the candid raven.
She hearkened the falsehood gifted to her by the vibrant rainbow
By rejecting the heartbreaking verity chanted by the rain
She was drenched in the lies showered by the cheerful laughter of the throng
Gainsaying the quietness whispered by the truthful silence
She drowned herself in lies offered by life
Repudiating the epilogue of tale
She shall forever be the danseuse of fallacy, until-
The taciturn demise becomes the dancer of veracity.

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